Theo & Lady

Theo & Lady

Phalosa Villa Bali

Unforgettable Sunset

Aside from planning your wedding, we also like to build genuine connections with our clients. Lady & Theo found out about Delapan from Theo’s own older sibling, but meeting the couple according to Bianda, their wedding planner, was like seeing a long lost friend. From the very beginning there was an instant familiarity as they were able to talk just about anything. 

This familiarity helped them overcome several challenges that came up during Lady & Theo’s wedding planning such as the sharp rise of COVID-19 cases in Indonesia that caused the couple to postpone their happy day. By the time their new wedding date was decided, they also had to wait in anxious anticipation because of the terrible weather in Bali. In the end, together with careful planning, prayers, and support from their family and friends, Lady & Theo were gifted with the most unforgettable sunset on their wedding day. 

All that begins well, ends well.