Leo & Elly

Leo & Elly

Alila Uluwatu

Imaginations come true

Long distance relationship is, in one word, tough. Now imagine planning a long distance wedding! But Elley and Leo managed it all virtually with the help of Delapan Planner. Elley and Leo, who are based in Beijing, trusted us to make their imaginations come true through frequent virtual meetings and communications. Their venue of choice was Alila Uluwatu.

Delapan met Elley and Leo not 3 days prior to their wedding, which was only attended by 20 family members and closest friends. Their intention was to create a quiet, intimate moment on their happy day. Limitations of time and contact during their wedding planning did not become an obstacle for us or for the couple. Everything was executed perfectly according to their wishes. From Elley and Leo we learnt that communication can happen in all forms to still create a fantastic wedding.